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Welcome to Your Avaya Collaboratory

Your use of the Avaya Collaboratory is governed by the terms and conditions of Avaya's Terms of Use for SaaS, and the related Avaya Collaboratory Service Description document. This material and can be found at, and has been communicated to you separately.

Service Description

Terms of Use

Avaya Learning

Explore the rich training opportunities offered by Avaya Learning.

Quick Start

Please read this message in its entirety, as it contains important technical information relating to your subscription to the Avaya Collaboratory, as well as how to obtain support for your Avaya Breeze™ development activities.

Quick Support

  • To get phone numbers and email addresses on your lab's whitelist: email (this is automated, and other requests may not be honored).
  • For problems with your lab or requests for Enhanced Developer support writing Snap-Ins which run on Avaya Breeze, post your question on the Collaboratory Support Forum. You can obtain your sold to number from Your Lab's Information.
  • For self-service support and questions about the Avaya Breeze and associated SDKs go to the DevConnect Forum (Questions about Collaboratory and how it works won't be answered here).

Resources, Documents, and Software

Avaya Snapp Store Information

  • Build Breeze Snap-ins and sell them on the Avaya Snapp Store. As a Collaboratory customer you have the environment to do so. Learn more about the on-boarding process for it here: Avaya Snapp Store Onboarding
  • Check out the Snap-ins in the Avaya Snapp Store : Avaya Snapp Store

Configuration and Restrictions

Calling Services

Your Collaboratory comes pre-provisioned with a SIP attachment to an included Avaya Aura system. In turn, this system has SIP connections to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) for incoming and outgoing calls. New in Breeze 3.3 is the option to connect to a account for calling and media services. Read the Developer Guide for instructions on how to change the CUSTOMER cluster to use in addition to Avaya Aura for calling.

Email & PSTN Security

Avaya Collaboratory provides email and outbound PSTN call services associated with Avaya Breeze API methods. For security reasons, you must provide up to 10 email addresses and/or 10 destination PSTN numbers that will be used for test purposes, so that these may be configured into support systems within Avaya Collaboratory.

Up to two (simultaneous) inbound and/or outbound PSTN test calls are allowed. Outbound calls are limited to US-only numbers. Emergency access services such as 911 are blocked.

To have Email and PSTN services configured for your environment, submit a request with the required email addresses and PSTN numbers you wish to use for testing.

You are free to connect to your own mail server and there will be no white listing restrictions. Similarly, there are no restrictions placed on numbers called through with your own account.


Your Avaya Collaboratory environment has been configured with 10 SIP Station extensions that are sequenced with Avaya Aura Communication Manager, 10 H.323 stations whose calls entering or exiting the lab over the PSTN can also be sequenced through Avaya Breeze. Links to Avaya Client/Softphone software are included above and instructions for attaching and configuring the clients are in the User Guide linked above.

SMS Service

To use Avaya Breeze SMS capabilities from either Engagement Designer workflows or Java-based snap-ins, you must first install and provision a connector snap-in associated with the proper service. This must be installed into the CUSTOMER cluster where all your code runs. Your Collaboratory comes pre-provisioned with a connector and account. The Zang account is monitored and limited, so should be used for no more than 10 SMS messages per day.

Connector Snap-Ins to both the Webtext and Clickatell SMS services are loaded in your Collaboratory. To use these, you must uninstall the ZangSMSConnector and install the other in the CUSTOMER cluster. You also need to acquire an account from Webtext or Clickatell and enter the account credentials on the attributes page of the connector.

The ZangSMS and Clickatell connectors offer only outgoing SMS service. The Webtext connector can provide both outgoing and incoming service.

Development Environment

Your Avaya Collaboratory environment includes a development environment, like an Eclipse IDE, to develop and build Avaya Breeze services. Please see attached user guide Avaya Breeze Development section for instructions on accessing the development environment.

Performance & Load Testing

As a reminder the lab does not support performance or load testing. Please do not attempt to use it in that manner.

Video Conferencing

Your Avaya Collaboratory environment includes Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing Infrastructure. Meetings are limited to a maximum of 3 participants. Please see attached user guide Scopia section for instructions on setting up and joining meetings.

NOTE: Please limit your Scopia conference calls to 2 minutes since Scopia is a shared resource.

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