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 +<WRAP center round box centeralign 70%>
 +<fs 200%>​**Avaya Breeze(tm) Learning**</​fs>​\\
 +<fs 160%>​**Account Registration Instructions**</​fs>​\\
 +<fs 160%>​**Lab Usage Guidelines**</​fs>​\\
 +<fs 180%>
 +You may register for use of this lab by invitation only.
 +Registrations without a prior invitation will be ignored and cancelled.
 +Before registering,​
 +you must agree to the Terms of Use found on the Registration Page.
 +===== To Get/​Register a new Account =====
 +Select this [[this>​doku.php?​do=register|Register]]
 +link and fill out the required fields.
 +We require an **Event-Code** that you will have received in an invitation to join a lab session.
 +===== Account Resources =====
 +When you register a new account you get the following resources:
 +  - A different Wiki login which gives you access to more configuration and learning materials.
 +  - A restricted login to System Manager
 +  - A non-root login to an Avaya Breeze node
 +  - A primary extension, which you can call to or from:
 +    * You can register a soft client to that extension.
 +    * The calls to or from will be sent through your Avaya Breeze node to be captured by your application.
 +      *  Adding your application to your service profile allows this capture.
 +      *  Your service profile can be edited from SMGR -> Home / Elements / Avaya Breeze(tm) / Configuration / Service Profiles ​
 +      *  Its name will contain the primary extension.
 +    * For some sessions this extension will have a DID number which you can call from the PSTN.
 +  - An extra extension you can call to or from:
 +    * You can register a soft client to that extension.
 +    * Calls to or from this extension are not capture by your Avaya Breeze node.
 +    * Use this to call your other extension, so you don't require an external, PSTN connected phone.
 +===== Setup Your PC =====
 +<WRAP info center 75%>
 +You will be using your own Windows or MacOS PC.
 +[[bootcamp:​pre-install|Read this article]], and follow the instructions before
 +beginning Snap-in development.
 +===== Guidelines =====
 +  - This lab is shared by many users, and solely for learning Avaya Breeze programming techniques.
 +    * **There is no privacy:​** ​ //You can see what others are doing, and they can see what you are doing.//
 +    * If you wish to have your own, private lab where you can do real development,​ [[https://​​avaya-collaboratory|sign up for your own Avaya Collaboratory today.]]
 +  - The System Manager and Breeze nodes in this lab are shared by all participants:​
 +    * For workflows, create a folder that matches your account name, and save all your workflow drafts there.
 +    * Users will be able to uninstall and delete each others'​ snap-ins. ​ Please don't do that to others.
 +    * Since others can do this, make sure to externally save any Workflow you can't easily reproduce. Java snap-ins are built externally on your own PC and uploaded to System Manager, so you will not need to explicitly save these.
 +    * Work only with your assigned service profile and the snap-ins you create.
 +  - We will be monitoring calling and other activity in this lab from time to time and reserve the right to take corrective action (e.g. locking out an account) should its use pose a threat to the others'​ use of the lab.
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