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 +====== ​ Getting Started with Java ======
 +===== Install the Avaya Breeze Software Development Kit (SDK) =====
 +  - [[http://​​media/​global/​products_resources/​edp/​3_1_1/​getting-started-with-edp-sdk/​index.html|Avaya Breeze SDK Installation Detail Document]]
 +      * It is important that all the environment variables are set correctly and that the software is installed in the correct order: ​ Java, Eclipse, Maven, Avaya Breeze SDK.
 +      * This document indicates a preference for older versions of the prerequisite software. ​ Newer versions work just fine.
 +      * [[http://​​site/​global/​products_resources/​engagement_development_platform/​educational_resources/​video1.gsp|The precise video that overviews the installation process]] is even more dated and conservative than the document. ​ It refers to Avaya Breeze by its old name:  Collaboration Environment.
 +  - Avaya Breeze SDK Prerequisites
 +    * {{free:​0.0_software-install.pdf|Find a more detailed, downloadable document for these steps here.}}
 +    * Oracle Java Developer Kit: Preferred: [[http://​​technetwork/​java/​javase/​downloads/​jdk8-downloads-2133151.html|Java SDK 1.8]]     OK: [[http://​​technetwork/​java/​javase/​downloads/​jdk7-downloads-1880260.html|Java SDK 1.7]]
 +      * set JAVA_HOME={C:​\Program Files\Java\,/​usr/​java/​}jdk1.8.0_77
 +    * Eclipse IDE:  Choose IDE for Java EE Developers: ​ Preferred: ​ [[http://​​downloads/​packages/​release/​Mars/​1|Mars]] ​    OK: [[http://​​downloads/​packages/​eclipse-ide-java-ee-developers/​lunasr2|Luna]]
 +      * DO NOT use the Mars installer (.exe file). ​ Instead, download the .zip file and unzip into c:\eclipse (or /​opt/​eclipse on Linux).
 +      * Update Window->​Preferences->​Java->​Installed JREs to include and select the JDK instead of the JRE which it wants to use by default.
 +    * Apache Maven Build Tool:  [[http://​​install.html|Instructions]] ​ [[http://​​download.cgi|Downloads]]
 +      * set M2_HOME={C:​\Program Files\,/​opt/​}apache-maven-3.3.9
 +      * set M2={%M2_HOME%\,​$M2_HOME/​}bin
 +    * The Avaya Breeze server provides a command line interface used for certain debugging operations. ​ While the Eclipse RSE (remote system explorer) has an SSH command view, it is not suitable for some full-screen operations. ​ To address this, make sure your PC has an SSH terminal client installed. ​  Mac OS and Linux have this loaded by default. ​ For Windows, [[http://​​~sgtatham/​putty/​download.html|PuTTY]] is a commonly used client.
 +  - Finding, Downloading,​ and Installing the Avaya Breeze Platform SDK.
 +    * [[http://​​fileMedia/​download/​4dd56d47-c335-4f99-9d24-8737fef0b45e|Avaya DevConnect Avaya Breeze 3.1.1]]. ​ This will require you to create a free Avaya DevConnect account. ​ You won't be spammed.
 +===== Import and Build the HelloService Sample Applicaiton =====
 +Continue with the steps from the document [[http://​​media/​global/​products_resources/​edp/​3_1_1/​getting-started-with-edp-sdk/​index.html|Avaya Breeze SDK Installation Detail Document]]:
 +  * [[http://​​media/​global/​products_resources/​edp/​3_1_1/​getting-started-with-edp-sdk/​Importing_the_Hello_Service.html|Importing the Hello snap-in]].
 +  * [[http://​​media/​global/​products_resources/​edp/​3_1_1/​getting-started-with-edp-sdk/​Building_the_Hello_Service.html|Building the Hello snap-in]].
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